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Steelband Starter Pack

Instrumentation: Lead, Dbl 2nd, Cello/Guitar, Bass, Drum Set, Auxiliary Percussion (Engine Room)

Difficulty: 1 (Beginner)

Composed with beginner level steel bands in mind, the six pieces in the Steelband Starter Pack are designed to help directors introduce scale theory and some common music fundamentals found in music for steelband. These short pieces (between 1 minute and 2 minutes long) can be taught by rote in a minimal number of rehearsal sessions, or they can be used as entry level pieces for bands developing their musical reading skills. The six pieces in the collection focus on the following scales and musical styles:

Armadillo: A minor (Rock)
Beehive: Bb major (Reggae)
C Plus: C major (Calypso)
Congress Ave.: C major (Reggae)
Eleven: A minor (Calypso)
Fargo: F major (Soca)

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